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What makes German kitchens stand out from the crowd?
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Everybody knows a German kitchen is a cut above the rest, and has a reputation akin to that bestowed upon the precision engineering of a German car. When it comes to engineering Germany does it better than most, and that includes its beautiful kitchen brands.
Without a doubt, a modern German kitchen is the dream of many British households. Not only do they deliver aesthetically, they incorporate a multitude of functional design features that make working in the kitchen a dream.
Regardless of the Brexit outcome, German kitchens will retain the gold standard of kitchen design, and UK homes up and down the country will still want to install them. We have to hope a trade deal minimises the impact on cost. German kitchen prices are likely to rise, but as many high-end kitchen companies in the UK use components manufactured across Europe, UK kitchen prices per se are likely to increase in line anyway.
If you are about to go for a kitchen remodel, you’d be wise to think about installing a German brand. Here are 5 reasons why German kitchens stand out from the crowd.

1. Unpretentious streamlined designs
Modern German kitchen designs are restrained, fresh, and uncluttered. They are the perfect modern example of a kitchen that brings sophistication, elegance and glamour to the home. Unpretentious, streamlined designs are what the German’s are incredibly good at. That goes for their kitchens, as well as their cars.
Germany led the way in creating modern kitchens ahead of the crowd. In 1892, Friedemir Poggenpohl established a small furniture company dedicated to improving the kitchen. Poggenpohl is the oldest and best-known kitchen brand in the world. Other well-known German brands include Eggersmann, founded in 1908, Alno in 1927, Leicht Kitchens in 1928 and SieMatic in 1929.

2. Strength and durability
German products are known for their high quality and durability, and this applies equally in the manufacture of kitchens. Carcasses are strong, veneers and lacquers are hardwearing. Now kitchens have become the hub of the home, it’s even more important that they are built to last. Renovation or remodelling isn’t something you’ll want to do again soon.
German kitchens are tested to rigorous standards, and they are manufactured and assembled at the same time, unlike many UK kitchens which come flat-packed. The quality of a German kitchen is checked throughout its production, and this means cabinet quality is checked right up to the moment it leaves the warehouse fully formed. The reputation of German products are respected the world over.
Surfaces are tested rigorously with a range of chemicals. Everything that opens, closes, pulls out or slides in is tested under difficult conditions to ensure the ultimate in strength and durability.

3. Intelligent functionality
If there’s something about German kitchens that matches the aesthetics, it has to be intelligent functionality. They are truly built as lifestyle kitchens. It’s this attention to detail that makes the German kitchen so revered. German kitchens are innovative. They incorporate storage features and design usability that surpasses most other kitchen designs from around the world.

4. State of the art production techniques
German kitchens are manufactured using state of the art production techniques, and incorporate millimetre perfect construction to ensure installation goes like a dream. Skilled production techniques and advanced technology mean German kitchens are always looking ahead. They have a reputation for using the highest quality craftsmen and modern engineering. It’s a combination that keeps them on the leader board for kitchens throughout the world.

5. Bespoke solutions
Bespoke solutions are at the heart of German kitchens. Almost all German kitchen brands allow for flexible specifications and will be made to order. This means you can adjust the height of units, widths of worktops, and other specifications to suit the shape of your room. The philosophy behind German kitchens is to maximise space. Working with a UK kitchen designer who supplies German kitchens is ideal. You’ll be sure to get a kitchen that looks good and functions just how you want it to.

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