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Welcome Higold Milano!
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Fuorisalone 2018 - During the Fuorisalone 2018, Higold Milano was made his entrance on the territory of Lombardy. A new reality in the field of outdoor design that with its products does not only want to be an answer to a market demand but also wants, through its collections, to provide a better lifestyle by offering one more reason to live outdoors . For this reason Higold has decided to collaborate for its outdoor furniture collections with the great names of international design, last in chronological order, the Onda collection designed by Pininfarina.
A collection that took the inspiration from the dynamism, the elegance and the purity of the waves crashing in the ocean, in particular the empty space that is created when a wave is broken, resulting in to a hollow or tube wave (Onda in Italian).
The heart of the collection is the structure, an aluminum band sustaining the cushions and becoming the iconic element of the whole collection.
Characterized by fluid lines - as the ones of the wave - the band beyond
being an aesthetic element becomes also a functional element, a rigid armrest that can be used to lean objects.
Not to mention the choice of materials, which come from the Pininfarina 360° design experience: f the aluminum – coming from the car sector – for the structure, the fabrics – used in the yachts for its resistance – for the cushions.

Big international hotel chains, including Hilton, Sheraton and Jade Beach, have already embraced Higold's corporate mission, creating corners of paradise in their terraces through the choice of one or more models of its collections.

But who is Higold?
Founded in 1989, since 2011 it has become a leading brand in all over the world so much that four years later it has decided to expand its commercial activity with furniture, or better with high quality outdoor furniture. Initially through individual pieces made for client companies to then launch and create their own lines designed by some of the most famous international designers, including the above-mentioned Pininfarina and Nicolas Thomkins.
Its commercial activities have led to excellent results in a short time, developing a process of expansion in several countries, including Italy.. and that's how Higold Milano was born!

For more information www.higoldmilano.it or visit us at SpazioTID showroom in via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate or at Lamari Creative Shopping in via Alfredo Cappellini, 20 in Milan.


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