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W: homage to simplicity
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Two emerging talents, one town: Aarhus, Denmark, one of the most lively creativity Headquarters of the northern nation. The style of this creation is as northern as Denmark itself, with the core features: simplicity and link to Danish interior design history. Made by Gitte Langborg Hansen and Stephanie Rodwell, W is a chair inspired to GE250, a project – perhaps lesser known - by H. J. Wegner.

Being simple, this piece is composed of just two parts one wrapping around the other to create a continuum: a steel frame and a crocheted seat, which emphasizes the natural side of the chair as it is made out of a 100 meter cotton string. The thick crochet work makes the seat hold firmly to the steel frame without employing any other item, so that the essential side of the chair is further stressed.

The homage to Wegner’s creation also recurs in the presence of the letter W, from which the chair takes the name: in the original GE250 it was displayed on the backrest whilst in this case it is incorporated into the design, to be seen in the profile of the legs. In this way, despite its simplicity this lounge chair also features a more dynamic look for interior design, which perfectly suits both indoor and outdoor locations.

An homage enriching simplicity with the freshness of its designers’ age.

Photo Courtesy Gitte Langborg

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