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Urbio - a garden at home
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It is called Urbio and it comes from California. Designed to give a green touch to any walls, Urbio was developed as a simple modular system as well as revolutionary, custom-made for every space. The young inventors of the here mentioned project are Beau Oyler and Jared Aller in collaboration with the Enlisted Design studio. Who has never dreamt of a small green garden at home? As you know, all plants need not only water and minerals but also steady surfaces where roots can take hold. Here it is,  the launch of the creative idea. Urbio is a magnetic system made up of modules able to create a beautiful vertical garden on walls or ferrous surfaces even in small rooms.
How can we do that? All modules have plates of magnetic support on squared basis to fix on wall and magnetic pots made of recycled plastic of different sizes and types where you can put all different plants.

The project is so flexible cause you can place all vases the way you prefer and thanks to the magnets (capable of supporting different weight), you can easily change the layout when you want. Just with a few movements. Urbio becomes also part of furnishings. As a matter of fact it can be used not only for plants and flowers but also to organize the spaces in a functional way: the containers are suitable also for offices, kitchens and bedrooms both for adults and children.
The design is together light and crisp. Thanks to the magnets, all plates can easily be mounted to any wall. Moreover, taking care of plants help you to feel better and this is a new way of gardening. And of course, even decorating a wall.

INFO: www.enlisteddesign.com

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