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Thimble: details-oriented design
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Re-inventing everyday items through design, to give them new life and shape: this sentence sums up the philosophy behind today's multifunctional featured project, Thimble. Just like the name suggests, this project was inspired by thimbles, the little sewing tools tightly connected to manual skills as well as to the old times. Designer Nicola Bonriposi took thimbles on a large massive scale, turning them into a unique design item that serves any kind of function: flower case, kennel, chandelier, stool... Thimble is the answer to any need.

Light and easy to carry thanks to its plastic material ans smart size (69 cm by 47 cm), this design item challenges the laws of proportion in a functional yet funny way, as it's available in a wide range of hues: from white to black, including red, dark blue, light blue, yellow and gray. Thimble brings a unique touch to any inner and outer space, and can be used alone or piled-up. Thanks to its “zoomed” look, this design piece serves as a reminder of the tiny everyday items that surround us, but also stresses the need of taking a break from today's frenzy era. Produced by VERGA-Plast, Thimble is showcased in our new Spazio TID showroom, at Via Monte Pordoi 8.

INFO: www.vergaplast.com


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