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The Iman Villa: luxury design on Bali island by much-awarded architect Gary Fell
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Rice fields, palm groves and banana orchards frame The Iman Villa, by talented much-awarded architect Gary Fell , one of the gurus leading the Asian side of design. By focusing on both the big picture and every single detail, Fell has created the perfect example of the integration between architecture, furniture, design and nature. The location is Canggu, on Bali’s southern coast.

The structure lies on a grassy curvy slope with terraced lawns that actually didn’t impede the project’s development. Being a multi-storey facility, the 1500 square meter Iman vill adapts to the surrounding environment so easily that almost blends in it. Such a great integration has been enhanced by the employment of huge glass windows scattered all over the property, creating a continuum between inside and outside; moreover, the Iman villa easily seems to belong to the area thanks to its own palette, featuring white and green. The building is made out of white stone, whilst the roof presents strong hints of green, with many plants and even water flowing on it.

The essential outer façade encloses a sophisticated interior that features design furniture caught in between modernity and tradition, with much cutting-edge functionality and countless comforts as well as a strong local Indonesian feel. The space features many living rooms and convivial areas; hallways, passageways and entrances; kitchens, as many as five fairy-like bedrooms, and last but not least a pool hall. Thanks to the massive glass windows, each room overlooks the 2700 square meter land that surrounds and completes the project. The outer space also features a huge swimming pool and a Jacuzzi located on the panoramic terrace.

On the tech side, brand new Apple Tvs, plasma screens and thin hi-tech devices beautifully match local Indonesian pieces of furniture. Copper lamps, ethnic design items, wood sculptures and antiques are scattered all over the interior, giving the Iman villa a unique, local, personal touch.

Photo credit: Christopher Leggett

Info: www.theimanvilla.com

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