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The future of construction? The wooden houses
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Wood seems to be the future of construction, an increasingly “green”, ecofriendly, responsible and quality construction.
Thanks to new modern constructions, wooden houses can be a more than valid alternative to traditional masonry or reinforced concrete construction and, if properly designed, meet all the needs and requirements of a modern home, both in terms of aesthetics and of functionality.
So if you are considering the idea of building a wooden house or a cabin, below some some interesting advantages.

Exposed beams and trusses throughout the home create grand entrances and vaulted ceilings. A real wow effect that these characteristics give inside the home.

Wooden houses always give that feeling of warmth, familiarity and comfort. Wood has a thing called "thermal mass", a natural timber property that allows the internal temperature of the building to be kept stable in every season.The wooden walls are able to collect and conserve the sun's energy during the day, releasing it during the evening.

Every wooden house has its own personality. From the squared and full of nooks, to the houses with soft lines and exposed beams, each building tells its story.
By choosing a wooden house you can choose which character to shine through an accurate selection of the type of wood to be used.


In a society where everything is automated, wooden buildings are still built by hand. It is therefore possible to choose a finished product of the highest quality where each piece of trunk is chosen, worked and cut adding small "extra" as customized stairs, grand entrances, benches, and unique details made of craftsmen.
A meticulous care for details to make your home unique and personal.

Many wooden houses and cabins are built in environments subject to extreme climates. Regarding the cabins, these can spend long periods of time completely uninhabited while they are hit by rain, snow and wind. Yet when Mother Nature calms down, these structures are still standing. Both in North America and in Europe there are old structures of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years yet still in perfect condition.

These are just some of the innumerable advantages of owning a wooden house or cabin and for some people the decision to build such a building is personal. Maybe they grew up in a wooden house, they love being in contact with nature, or maybe they've always dreamed of being able to build their own home.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.pineca.it

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