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The Boro Hotel, design furniture and industrial style meets in NYC
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A 108-room hotel in the heart of NYC’s Queens, facing Manhattan. Today’s ambitious project is by Grzywinski + Pons: led by Matthew Grzywinski and Amador Pons, the studio is committed to design excellence predicated on quality, beauty, design furniture, innovation and a rigorous approach to detail. Dedication to this pursuit has led to significant levels of experience in designing and administrating the construction of the built environment. The Boro hotel project focused on a few guidelines: the balance amid the Boro Hotel and the district’s industrial architecture, a design-oriented character and the hotel clients’ privacy. The work perfectly depicted the dynamism of both New York and the Queens as the district is currently undergoing a strong renovation.

Glass walls are one of the main traits of Boro Hotel. Natural light fills up common spaces and each of the 108 rooms tank to the massive windows that make visitors enjoy sort of a living painting, that is the ever-changing Big Apple. Typical industrial materials are scattered all over the place, with concrete blocks, hand scraped oak flooring; wood, leather, cork and sisal hemp also enrich the whole hotel. Each space of the Boro Hotel serves as a treasure chest for unique design furniture, leather and wood armchairs, iron details. Reception is one of the key point of New York’s Boro Hotel: technology welcomes clients since the very beginning, as they can easily check-in via their smartphones. The bar and lobby areas feature a modular space division aimed at respecting each guest’s privacy and offering the perfect environment for both relaxation and business purposes. The hotel features a dynamic atmosphere thanks to a refined interior design, design furniture, modular spaces and the recurring elements that take clients to a unique journey throughout their stay.

INFO: www.gp-arch.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Floto + Warner

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