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Templestowe, Australia:when renovation means revolution
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How can you restore the original beauty of a neglected house? Today’s project is the answer, a fantastic renovation of a Seventies one storey place which haven’t been maintained for too many years. Located among Templestowe’s hills, and surrounded by amazing gardens, the property needed to bring back its undoubted charm. To that end, the new owners called in Christopher Elliott, whose Melbourne-based namesake studio has been delivering detailed, modern yet timeless interior design and furniture solution for the past 10 years. Initially, the project focused on a complete overhaul of the disjointed internal architecture, as the existing layout didn’t take full advantage of the picturesque garden outlook and left many rooms were unutilised. Christopher’s new floor plan design brought unity to the architecture and enabled a more intuitive relationship between each of the various rooms of the house.

Pivotal to the new design was the decision to open large sections of the house onto the pre-existing centrally located pool and courtyard via large expansive sliding doors, installed throughout the living spaces and the master bedroom. These modifications provided the house with a beautiful tranquil vista and some much-needed natural light; it was also the inspiration for the new colour scheme. To suit the clients’ lifestyle and provide more privacy and separation from their teenage sons, the master bedroom was turned into a ‘parents retreat’ which was previously an unused storage space blocking off the old entrance from the kids study area. An actual hotel-like solution, with a massive walk-in wardrobe, ensuite bathroom and separate toilet. The functional, practical feel of the project is best displayed in the kitchen, with a seven meter long Island bench with marble top, and sliding doors to separate it from the adjacent laundry. But the very best element of the project is the interior decoration, as most of the furniture and artwork for this project were made-to-order and in some instances Christopher specifically designed pieces of furniture to suit. This process also included the commissioning of several artists’ works: a tailored service that proves not only the unique character of the renovation, but the designer’s capability of understanding the clients’ needs, tastes and personality, to offer them a place that really feels like home.

INFO: www.christopherelliottdesign.com.au

PHOTO COURTESY: Christopher Elliott

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