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Style Bakery: sweet innovation
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Opened in the Thirties, Style Bakery is one of the most future-oriented shops in Kiryu, Gunma, Japan. It represents a new kind of enterprise which combines both local and globally-franchised aspects: a philosophy that is even reflected in the interesting renovation Suano Koase and Yu Yamada from SNARK studio.

The main hue – displayed on tiles, flooring, lights and much more – is light grey, the concept color of the brand.

However, the interior design doesn’t look cold thanks to the employment of solid oaks to warm up the atmosphere. The Style Bakery also appears well illuminated as the windows have been enlarged and framed with a thinner structure. The delicate illumination is also provided by artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lamps embedded into the ceiling in order to leave the space essential. The focus of the interior design is the enlarged furniture, featuring clean lines and LED lights to help customers take a clear look at the goods on the shelves.

The Style Bakery allows both buying and eating-in, thanks to a specific corner beside the cashier, which is one of the main element of the decoration. Further details enrich the 280 sqm space: steel, in the logo on the wall; neon lamps; entrance and exit signs located on both ends.

A light yet bold decoration to perfectly depict a brand.

INFO: www.snark.cc

PHOTO COURTESY: Ippei Shinzawa

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