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Stone, marble, light: the exceptional mixture by MATLIGHT Milano
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Matteo Terragni, MATLIGHT Milano CEO, tells us what lies behind the scenes of the unique Italian lamps he produces.

“Stone meets light” is MATLIGHT Milano’s motto: how come?
«MATLIGHT Milano’s crucial feature is the employment in the lighting field of several kinds and finishings of stone and marble, used for many purposes. Marble is the leading material as it gets best enhanced by light: this led to the creation of our motto».

Where do your stone and marble come from?

«They mainly come from Italy: you have Carrara marble and travertine as well as more particular marbles such as Pietra Dorata, which comes from the quarries around Grosseto, and Basaltina, from Lazio».

How do you process them?

«Each is a unique piece extracted from a intact marble slab via water cutting, which gets hand-finished by marble craftsmen. Based on the features of each type of marble, we choose a specific final treatment aimed at further enhancing the material».

Which kind of lighting solutions does MATLIGHT Milano offer?

«MATLIGHT Milano product range features three unique collections: Classic – inspired by the classic amphora shape, Contemporary – inspired by the essential form of the rectangle, and Decò – which recalls the Thirties by reinterpreting the oval shape. Each collection includes any sort of lighting elements: table, floor and wall lamps, single and double suspension lamps».

Which product best satisfies you?
«The amphora from Classic. It was our first collection, it took a long time to come up with the exact form we wanted, both in terms of size and proportion. Moreover, it served as the starting point for each product that was developed afterwards».

What’s the most successful?

«I would say any piece from Contemporary, which seems to be much appreciated by design lovers».


«Because of its volumes’ linearity as well as the warmth and smoothness given by classic marbles such as Emperador».

Each product is customizable, right?

«Yes. I would say that MATLIGHT Milano is the spirit of the so called “bestspoke”. Clients can choose and combine each lamp elements: from the type of marble to the shape of the base, from the look and color of the cables to the metal electric finishing. They can also ask us to use their own fabric to upholster the lampshade, both on the inside and on the outside. Architects and interior designers can even customize the product by using their own designs. This flexibility allows us to offer an added value to such professionals willing to express their creativity: we only deal with tech and production processes. MATLIGHT offers to create out-and-out unique pieces».

What makes you so keen towards customization?

«Industrial products have taken over the lighting and furniture field, there are so many products that look alike today. This standardization made us want to react by offering a single-user-oriented solution which makes our client feel like they are buying their own product, creating their own lamp».

Which are your next projects?

«We are about to launch a new collection, Tech, which will be featuring neat modern lines, LED technology and marble transparencies».

Info: www.matlight.it

Photo Courtesy: MATLIGHT Milano

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