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StickS-it: design for the people
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More than a chair, more than a bookcase, but most of all more than just a sticker: today’s project combines many different features into one aim, that is saving money and space, elegantly. A laudable solid purpose that comes from the will to bring design close to people and their issues, instead of being an elitist subject for wealthy ones. Given the current era, characterized by unemployment issues as well as a way too wide offer in terms of design items, Rome-based Studio Algoritmo created a project that reminds how practical and problem-solving design should be. Inspired by the state many uni students live in – tiny spaces with impersonal bare decorations - stickS-it range offers sort of non-seats that both serve as chair and bookcase.

The use is very simple: stickS-it are three different vinyl wall stickers reproducing the two-dimensional silhouette of the most iconic design chairs: once put in place, they turn a featureless space into a stylish corner where to pile up books, magazines or even boxes from the floor up to the seat level, creating a tridimensional seat where to actually sit. Versatile and fresh, stickS-it make affordability one of their crucial features by offering many solutions at a very little price. To see each model of the range - Superleggera by Gio Ponti, Hill House Chair by C.B. Mackintosh and DSW by C.&R. Eames – you can pop up at our showroom in Baranzate (Milan area), at Via Monte Pordoi 8.

INFO: www.studioalgoritmo.it

PHOTO COURTESY: Studio Algoritmo

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