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Steps: the design lamp project signed by an all-women team
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If creating a design product is a matter of personal style, in this case it’s also a matter of DNA: the London-based Atelier Areti is in fact led by two Austrian-French sisters, Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer, who founded the studio in 2008. Before the launch of Areti, the duo worked for several architecture and design studios both in the US and Europe, then opened atelier Areti, which today designs its own design products as well as work for and with other designers and firms. Areti’s design items are strictly handmade and made to order, thanks to the collaboration with German and Swedish master craftsmen and manufacturers. The style of the Kerschbaumer sisters, respectively born in 1976 and 1981, features both a strong artisan side and a refined minimalism that leads to a geometric yet unexpected and quite playful result.

Today’s featured project is the “living” prove of such, a design lamp named after its own shape: Steps is in fact made of six steps which serves as light sources. Essential but also bold, Steps is a design wall lamp that enriches a space without weigh it down: on the one hand its white color – the only available – makes the lamp almost disappear within a bright space; on the other, its elegant shape – emphasized by its thinness – add a unique sophisticated touch to any room. Steps design lamp is available in two sizes, with a height of 1,5 or 2 meters and steps scaled accordingly. Delicate and unique like atelier Areti’s style, this design product is made out of powder coated metal. A refined piece that mixes the most modern design with the ancient art of craftsmanship.

INFO: www.atelierareti.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Theresa Rundel

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