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Star Map, star shaped coat rack
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“Cause you’re a sky full of stars”… and coats, bags, hats.
Fabio Crimi from Krayms A&D - Fa&Fra designed Star Map, a star-shaped coat rack to be attached to the wall.
Four-pointed, made of steel and available in two colors – dark grey and yellow, this design item suits any room of the house, from the entrance to the living room as well as bathroom and bedroom.

You can use it alone or along with other “stars”, creating an actual constellation. All it takes is relying on the useful map by Krayms A&D - Fa&Fra to perfectly pierce the wall as needed. This will make attaching Star Map easy and fun, creating many different constellations from Ursa Major or Minor to your sign of the zodiac. A unique decorative starry touch to bring fantasy and astronomy inside.

INFO: www.krayms.it


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