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SNAP, the DIY furniture
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It goes by the name of SNAP, the assembly system that allows you to create countless custom pieces of furniture and decors. Created by Be Elastic, it looks like a colorful “crutch” in two parts: a bent steel shaft and a tensioning system that makes the “crutch” connect to any surface thanks to an ultra-resistant plastic coated wire.

Available in two different sizes and many colors, SNAP is a practical eclectic invention that can be put together and undone without any tool, drilling or permanent actions. Any surface it gets tied to results in a piece of furniture with a different function.
This leads to the creation of countless tables, seats, TV and PC cases, lighting handles and bookcases. Moreover, you can produce funny DYI design pieces, such as those made up of SNAP and bicycle tires or darts charts.
And if you get tired of your custom piece of furniture... no problem, just unclasp the funny “crutch” and attach it to new doors, drawers, glass walls, mirrors, marble tops or any other surface. All it takes is flair, imagination and just a few moments to get all the functionality and eclecticism you want: thanks to SNAP, design becomes DIY.

INFO: www.be-elastic.com


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