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SLASH: the mobile tv where the oblique line is protagonist
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CAPOFERRI ARREDAMENTI is a family-owned artisan company that has been producing custom-made furniture for over 50 years and whose added value is undoubtedly its production in a craft shop where traditional craftsmanship meets and combines with modern techniques opening itself to a more contemporary design.
A company where the knowledge is handed down with care and attention from father to son, adapting to the most current technology. It expresses the "know-how" of tradition in the field of interior design, coupled with the most cutting-edge technology for a contemporary style, which is well-liked by sophisticated and middle-to-high customers.

All its products start from a project idea that is realized through the use of innovative materials and finishes, with the utmost care and attention to detail, developing and realizing the needs and desires of the final customer.
Specializing in customized furnishings, collaborates with designers, architects and with great design brands in prototyping.
At Fuorisalone 2017, has become known and appreciated thanks to SLASH project by designer Luca Armellino, who has emphasized the oblique line, which has always played an important role in design as in architecture. A strong and counter-current line that can be distinguished by the rotation of the lines that give rise to a catchy prospective game and is pleasing to the eye.
SLASH is a mobile TV that appears longitudinally cut from an inclined plane. Nothing is left to chance, so the back support element of the main floor ends with a slot, becoming the point of contact between the power grid and modern peripherals. It is divided into several areas, designed to meet different requirements ranging from the need to store objects in a drawer, inside an offset or offset planes. A perfect blend between tradition and innovation that you can admire at our showroom just steps away from Milan.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.capoferriarredamenti.it

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