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Salon Eva Michelle: merging past and present
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To turn a 96 square meter space into a modern fascinating hair salon owned by two celebrities of the field, Dash Marshall studio created an interior design renovation project that merged old and contemporary all together.

Hosted in a classic building in the city of Boston, Salon Eva Michelle drags the attention with its huge glass windows and the monolithic shape which literally comes out the façade. On the inside, the space – illuminated both by tons of natural light coming from the street and by neon lamps scattered across the ceiling – features essential flooring and walls (made out of bricks) matched with eccentric modern elements. The entrance is taken over by a shiny bubble that greets the clients and make them focus on the exhibited products for sale. The employment of reflecting surfaces recurs all around the store, vertically, with dark angled mirrors connecting the ceiling to the floor and dividing the space in several working stations. By enlarging the spatial perception, these mirrors also match the neon lamp texture that makes the interior design project unique. Salon Eva Michelle features a contrasted color palette with white and neutral hues mixed with black, which colors the whole ceiling.

Uniqueness is the feature looked for by the clients after whom the salon is named. The New York based architecture studio was also asked to make the place as Bostonian as possible, therefore Dash Marshall decided to use the history of the city as the decoration theme of the project, creating a space that represents sort of a path reminding of different past, present and future moments, but that is also consistent with the owners’ sense of art.

INFO: www.dashmarshall.com


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