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RRA Office: free interior design renovation
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Designing a renovation often means compromising both in terms of structure (for instance when you have to preserve original elements) and in terms of look and style (for instance when you have to meet the client’s taste and needs). What happens when the customer and the design studio which deals with the renovation correspond? Today’s work is the result of such scenario. Completed last year, this interior design project is the renovation of a XIX century villa that has become the new headquarter of Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter studio, which obviously dealt with the entire interior renovation.

Located in Oslo, this building containing a 244 square meter space formerly hosted first an embassy and then a children’s theatre. The renovation project chose to put modern elements essential to the office as well as preserving the villa original identity and its retro taste, such as the parquet flooring. Wood is certainly one of the main focuses of the work which emphasizes the timber construction underneath the physical connection between the entrance and the workspace which results to be transparent thanks to the employment of a modern glass floor. The combination of original and modern elements also embodies part of the studio’s concept which offers innovative ground breaking solutions to its client with a particular care to pragmatism, using technology as one of its successful tools.

White and natural colors represent the main palette of the interior which appears even brighter and wider thanks to the massive natural illumination getting in through the windows. 

INFO: www.reiulframstadarchitects.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Marte Garmann, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

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