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Raniero Botti: one man, a thousand projects
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Architect Raniero Botti, Sycamore studio’s founder, has never stopped designing. Thanks to his diligence, research and creativity, he renovates, transforms and redesigns simple spaces by turning them into out-and-out experiences.

Your studio is called Sycamore: what does that mean?

«Sycamore means tree, the symbolic source of our ideas and projects».

What does architecture mean to Raniero Botti?

«It’s the way I shape and express my dreams».

Sounds quite romantic.

«I am, but most of all I’m a creative mind willing to amaze people and make them fall in love with a space, a place».

How do you achieve this aim?

«Let me bring this example. When it comes to hotel design I usually deal with each part of the project, from interior and decoration to exterior: everything has to be perfect. To me, a hallway is not just a space you walk across but the place where you start discovering the beautiful space you are in, no matter which room it leads you to. This means that even a hallway features a specific function which needs to be enhanced by using the best light, color and decoration».

What about your last project?
«I designed a hotel in the very heart of Florence, which used to be a cinema. The renovation has just been completed. It took many years but it was totally worth it, I’m really happy about the result».

Hotels, private homes, even furniture: you design everything...

«Yes, that’s how I never get bored».

Mention three design items by you.

«My lamp family, the Camaleonte collection and the meeting table. Even though they are really different from each other and addressing much different spaces, they equally embody my taste for clean, light, modern, colorful forms».

What about the current rooftop trend?

«It’s a great idea as it allows to use a space that has rarely been taken advantage of in the past, and also has a nice view with less noise. This trend has actually been on for a while abroad, even though it is a recent thing for Italy».

Is Milan the Italian design city to you?
«Absolutely, especially in this much lively moment. Rome is interesting too though, with much potential still to be expressed».

What about European cities?

«London is the place for design, followed by Berlin ».

What about the rest of the world?

«New York and Los Angeles are still cutting-edge to me».

INFO: www.sycamore.it

PHOTO COURTESY: Edmondo Ageletti Studio Octopus, Raniero Botti

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