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Pipoliva, quality design on the dining table
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Pipoliva is what was truly missing on our dining table. At first, it looks like a fun design item recalling a pipe: the silhouette is captivating, yet you don't really get what to do with it. Then, once you figure its purpose and mode of operation, you can't never go back. Pipoliva is the design tool that finally makes you enjoy olives without getting your hands dirty: with a simple puff, you can take out and remove pits.

Pipoliva features sort of a curved tubular handle, aimed at taking out the pit, and a concave end that receives it: surprisingly, the whole process doesn't allow your hands whatsoever, as it takes only a puff to make the olive magic happen. Pipoliva is designed by architect and designer Silvia Cassetta, the first professional to find a smart solution to make people enjoy olives with no hindrance. Sold in a colorful package, this patented design piece of cutlery was one of the 2014 Roma Design Lab's selected projects; today, you can see it with your own eyes at our new TID showroom in Milan's Baranzate district (Via Monte Pordoi 8). Like they say, seeing is believing.

INFO: www.silviacassetta.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Silvia Cassetta

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