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Organica: the design collection that speaks nature
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A Latin name for a refined nature-centered brand: its name is Insilvis and is part of the quality “made in Italy” range TID has always been focusing so much on. Products by Insilvis go beyond the design field to place in between art and design: the main feature of such production is first of all the prime material, that is solid wood with natural finishing, and the absence of any metal part. Solid wood is also one of the key elements recalled by Insilvis name itself (literally meaning “In the woods”) as well as the actual forest that used to lie where the firm headquarters is today located.

Founded in 1998 in Pordenone, the brand features a contemporary yet classic style with a strong functional and quality side, as well as a focus on the most innovative production processes. Our showroom Spazio TID, at Via Monte Pordoi 8 in Milan's Baranzate district, currently proudly exhibits Organica, the design coat rack and stand by Insilvis. The range features two different products, W2 and W3, both sharing the warmth of the matter and a unique material combination, as they are made out of solid wood, stone and oxidized iron. Inspired by the shape of trees, these coat racks embody the symbolic value of form, adding to any space an elegant but most of all natural touch that stresses the primitive relationship amid man and nature, especially trees. A conceptual strong decorative solution, that leads to deeply thinking about our interaction with the environment.

INFO: www.insilvis.com


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