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North Bay Road Residence: tropical modernism
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Despite interior design deals with the decoration of inner spaces, one of its main contemporary features relates to the interaction between the inside and the outside of a house, especially when it comes to residences located on the seaside or hillside. Among the works that put the interaction between inside and outside under the spotlight there’s this project located in one of the finest destinations of US: Miami Beach, more precisely on North Bay Road. The project is by Luis Pons Design Lab, a Miami-based firm specialized in residential projects which creates custom solutions for its client by developing a narrative that always takes into account the customers’ expression.

Designed to be inhabited by a family, this house represents a continuous transition between interior and exterior spaces thanks to the presence of two courtyards, one in the front and one in the back of the building, which create sort of a frame around the actual living spaces which are enhanced by the amazing view on both the bay and nature. Local nature is one of the characteristic elements of the project as it recalls the typical tropical language used in Miami Beach in the first half of the XX century. This results in the employment of architecture elements aimed at protecting the house from some of the side effects of the tropical weather such as the sun itself, whose light is also exploited by other decorating elements to create light and shadow plays.

Thanks to the mix of its features, this residence represents the embodiment of tropical modernism, with an a focus on solids and voids as well as on the interplay between air, light, water, wood and stone, creating sort of a bridge between ocean and earth.

INFO: www.luispons.com


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