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Nicolas Thomkins - an internationally renowned designer
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Born in 1953 in Ascona (Switzerland) and based in Germany, Nicolas Thomkins is an internationally renowned designer with a deep knowledge of materials and a maniacal attention to detail. His design focuses on the 360° product and on the sensorial experience of the user applying high standards of ergonomics and the pursuit of well-being. A design that breaks the rules, satisfies the spirit and touches the soul. A guideline on the most creative trends in the outdoor furniture sector that led him to win numerous international design competitions, including the Red Dot Design Award in 2007 with the Yin Yang furniture for Dedon and in 2014 with the Shenzhou X line designed for Higold.

From a simple sketch on the sand drawn with a stick has come to life Yin Yang: a piece of furniture composed of two elements that appear as if they were formed by nature, like stones consumed by water or sand dunes shaped by the wind.
The dynamic opposites of ancient Chinese philosophy come together in a harmonious play of colors and shapes, where the bronze and platinum fibers reflect this harmony in alternating convex and concave surfaces: a true work of art that combines two elements in a flowing form.
Shenzhou X instead takes inspiration from the homonymous Chinese space mission and it’s not by chance when not used it can be stacked, to occupy less space, in a unique vertical oval structure. High quality woven wicker, teak wood and fabrics chosen with maniacal care have the ability to withstand the external conditions perfectly, transforming the collection into a small oasis of luxury and elegance suitable for any open space.
A collaboration with the Chinese company Higold, which continues today through the design and creation of original collections: Bowie, Clark, Sheldon, Clint but especially Airport, considered the reference point of the new design trend in Italy in the furniture industry.

For more information on the collections: https://higoldmilano.it/cataloghi/


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