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Like we said in our previous post on design objects, decorating doesn’t just mean placing design objects around your home, it is the result of a very thorough study, as we know.

There are many experienced professionals who have been part of this market for many years. In our opinion, Milan is Italy’s cutting edge city in terms of interior design.

Whether it is committed in Milan or in other cities, turning to a professional can bring the cost up, therefore the budget is a crucial matter.

The main design studios in Milan have hosted many high-level and famous designers, and now the number of interior design studios in the city is high too. Some of them are historical, such as Cavallini1920 which was launched more than 80 years ago: it must have witnessed such big changes and revolutions throughout 80 years!

If one interior design studio is based in Milan or in its neighborhood like Varedo, there clearly must be a reason for that. Choosing among all these studios is hard and we don’t want to disappoint anyone, so we will just pick some of the first Google search results.

Anna Gili’s studio deal with many other things apart interior design, such as jewelry, lamps, chairs, tables and much more. Her idea of interior design is written on the website.

“My activity as an interior designer comes from an artistic approach towards space rather than an architectural one. The space as a spatial structure conditions and determines my first relationship with a place. The resulting planning intuition must then relate to the ambient under construction, therefore several characteristics of the future residents must be considered: geographic and socio-cultural roots, habits and attitudes, manias, phobias, dreams…”

This is just a brief part of the text which is really interesting and full of ideas, you really should check it out.

Another important design studio based in Milan is Spotti, which has a beautiful website as well as very important clients as it’s been on the market for about 20 years.

There are so many Interior Design studios in Milan… feel free to recommend your favorites.

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