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Michele Tombolini at Spazio TID
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Captivating contemporary design, and much more. Our Spazio TID showroom, located at Via Monte Pordoi 8, Milan, is a multi-cultural environment where design meets art, creating a complete overview of today’s hottest and deepest design and art production. Among the artists exhibited at Spazio TID, Michele Tombolini deserves a special mention: born in Venice in 1963, he boasts an impressive international career, from Europe to China, as well as participations in many important events such as the 55th Venice Biennale.

The artworks exhibited at Spazio TID feature Tombolini’s BUTTERFLY subject, launched in Berlin via a massive mural (approx. 16 x 6 meters) depicting a girl/butterfly with big blue wings. Composed of 120 cutting-edge panels, it is an actual augmented reality puzzle that can be experienced in a virtual way through smartphones and tablets. BUTTERFLY belongs to the Indelible Marks charity project, in collaboration with Ecpat (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism) Onlus Italy Association, that has been fighting child prostitution, sex tourism and child pornography for the last 25 years. The girl depicted in the mural symbolizes the innocence of children that such crimes put at stake, with awful psychological consequences. The black cross over the girl’s mouth also stresses one of the recurring themes of the artist, that is censorship and withholding caused by our society’s taboos. Yet, the message of the work is positive: the girl is going to fly lightly as a butterfly, living the innocent childhood that she deserves. To enjoy Michele Tombolini’s BUTTERFLY works, come visit us at Spazio TID.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: www.micheletombolini.it

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