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Mews House: the restyling of an ancient stable
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International architecture and interiors practice Finkernagel Ross have completely reconfigured a Mews house within the “Holland Park Conservation Area” in West London, doubling the floor space and creating a calm, light-filled retreat from the bustling city beyond.
The London Mews houses were nothing more than the stables of prestigious buildings, located in secondary central streets. Today, however, are among the most desirable homes of the English capital thanks to the pretty exteriors and especially to their historical charm.

"Understanding how the house would be used allowed us to refine the efficiency of the layout so that doors and corridors were a thing of the past and the entire space could be enjoyed and used to its maximum potential", Finkernagel explains. "The original brief was to refurbish the building, but it quickly became apparent that with the addition of a new basement and top-floor with a mansard roof, the project would be more cost-effective and faster to build as a new-build".

The two additional floors have transformed the original property into a spacious and bright home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a wash closet, two reception rooms, a kitchen and a dining room, with an interior space that feels far larger than it actually is.
New features such as floor-to-ceiling French doors, sash windows, light shafts and Juliette balconies have not only allowed more light to enter the property, but have also contributed to a front facade with much more refined proportions that are pleasing to the eye. The property's state of preservation also meant using exterior materials that could be in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood, so reclaimed brick added further elegance to the property along with a light lavender rendering to add that extra, unique touch.

"Being in the hotel industry would leave most people dazed and confused with so many options at their fingertips, but our client was very clear", Finkernagel explains. "Elegant and serene simplicity was the main objective, and we opted for a consistent use of materials and a fairly simple palette to ensure the house would be calm, not busy, and offers the perfect retreat from all that a world-class city has to offer".

Natural materials, such as oak, marble, limestone, linen, cotton, brushed brass and natural paints all contribute to the feel-good vibe, while clean lines are evidence of the Scandinavian influence.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: https://octobercomms.com/, Anna Stathaki

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