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MATLIGHT Milano: a custom word made out of marble, stone and light
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Where does MATLIGHT Milano come from?
«MATLIGHT Milano is the result of the union of several internationally renowned Italian craftsmen with decades of experience in the lighting and marble fields. Merged with a winning product and marketing leadership, their skills turned into a market-oriented dynamic flexible reality which puts uniqueness and Italian handicraft in the spotlight ».

How do you evaluate your starting years of activity?

«Absolutely positively: we put much effort into creating a Europe-wide commercial network with good results especially coming from high-end dealer. Today we cover European capitals as well as the most renowned tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, ABrcelona, St Moritz, Cortina and Monte Carlo».

MATLIGHT comes from “MAT” (Matteo) and “light”?

«Despite the assonance, it actually comes from materic light, as our products are the result of the mixture between stone and light. “Mat” recalls my name too, because I put all my passion and ideas into creating this brand from scratch, as well as the actual reality MATLIGHT Milano is today».

What is MATLIGHT philosophy?
«Our philosophy is based on employing stone and marble, offering a 360 degree customization and the very best Italian handicraft production ».

100% Italian?

«Indeed. Each single element that belongs to a MATLIGHT Milano product comes from Italy and is processed here ».

What about the price of your products?

«Our prices are consistent with the high-end market, however they are not as high as the most renowned luxury brands. We offer unique pieces, that get modestly reproduced and never result from industrial manufacture. It takes 2 hours just to produce the base of a table lamp because of the hand cutting and hand finishing of angles and surfaces, not to mention the assembling part. The cost of the product must reflect that ».

Do you participate in fairs and on topic events?

«We’ve been participating in Milan’s Fuorisalone for the past two years; on the occasion of the last edition we showcased our pieces at a contemporary art gallery within Brera Design District. The feedback was so positive we are now thinking about taking part in even bigger initiatives».

Info: www.matlight.it

Photo Courtesy: MATLIGHT Milano

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