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Massimo Corona and his cities arrive at SpazioTID
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Massimo Corona is an ever-evolving artist and constantly looking for new inspirations and expressive techniques. An artist who is not afraid to question his artistic career undertaken in the 90s when he began to manifest his interest in drawing and painting.
An artistic production that began with a preference for the human figure, a subject that he loves a lot and for a long time by alternating intentions both technical - such as the use of oil, acrylic, tempera and watercolor colors - and expressive, ranging from portrait in its most classic meaning to the grotesque of the "status symbol".
During 2013, however, he feels the need for something new and wider, and so after a short time off, he goes to the breakdown and defragmentation of the image: in the first experiments he again faces the human figure but this time with a graphic sign realized with a ballpoint pen and digital technology, using mainly two primary colors, red and blue.

Then he moves to the subject "city" taken from satellite imagery, attracted from that totally vertical point of view, distant, perpendicular to the horizon. A distance that initially enabled him to get closer to things, but then reduced by preferring less extreme angles, while still keeping aerial views.
The sign, which at first was more graphic, moves into a more pictorial connotation, painting on oil or acrylic on canvas. There are always two main color values, such as blue and orange, red and green, or green and purple. From these two distinct shades it gradually goes to converge the tones into a single value, as if they were two forces, two characters that in the beginning contradict each other and then shyly approach, to merge and become one.
Finally, subjects undergo a further synthesis, intervening on each fragment and attributing different tonal values to a rendered "more informal" character, as if not all could be revealed, read, described. In the works of Massimo Corona we read the pleasure of the gaze that is lost on a city: Turin, Milan, Rome, Paris, Berlin.. cities care to the artist and that you can admire at our showroom in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate.


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