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MAN@mydoor: a feminine journey between art and design
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How and when Manuela and Maria Vittoria, the two founders of MAN@mydoor, meet?
"We met a few years ago, but the spark that ignited our will to create a mutual work of art, design and engineering flared up in 2013. In a brief meeting in winter we realized we shared the very same vision on design. We do believe emotion and heart play a leading role when it comes to creating and designing".

Can such two different professionals really understand each other and complete each other?
"Coming from two very different professional fields allows us to create a unique, new, exciting energy. On the one hand, Manuela - TV writer and artist - learns concreteness and method from Maria Vittoria. On the other, Maria Vittoria - engineer and interior designer – expresses her creativity by exploring Manuela’s different unknown world. Two opposites that not only attract, but come together in harmony. "

Who came up with the idea of the name MAN@mydoor and why?
"It was Maria Vittoria, starting from the signature-logo of Manuela’s artworks: MAN. “Man” also recalls a surprising unexpected man, as well as the idea of the encounter. This led to: MAN at My Door, which stands for something new and unexpected that steps in our world. This happens every time one of our lamps gets in a house, in a space, in a room, creating a new feel and bringing in new emotions".

Two women leading a 100% feminine team...
"To us, being women is the real strength of this group. It’s not just us but also Daniela Gulberti, assistant and graphic designer, and photographers Giulia Manelli and Alyne Martim. We like to work with energy and creativity, two typical features of women, sharing and fulfilling our targets with great flexibility and organization. When women get to turn their complex inner world into a productive force, they can overcome the obstacles and hindrances of each new business".

Which products best represent the design vision of MAN@mydoor?
"Our Art Lamps represent us and our short yet intense story. We wanted to describe the world with our own eyes and heart. There’s not just one product that depicts us more than the others, as it’s the overall range that completes and tells our personal point of view on the evolution of mankind: from the embryo - EGG - to the man – SHADOW - towards civilization - CITY”.

What about your future projects?
"We are planning to produce tables featuring arty tops, as well as custom bookshelves. Our furniture must surprise and excite, turning art and design into a unique language. They will be produced in limited editions - as the three Art Lamp Collection ranges - with recycled materials coming from metal and plastic industrial waste. For the TID showroom (located at via Medardo Rosso 18, Milan), we have designed and created a new lamp, Egg Slim, a more assembled and manageable variation of our sculptural Egg, which is already exhibited in the space".

Who does MAN@mydoor address?
"MAN@mydoor is a brand for design items that feature a strong art feel because of their uniqueness, and are aimed at merging modernity with the humanization of the major architectural and artistic movements from the last century. Any product by us brings a warm feel into a contemporary minimalist environment but can also add modern touches to a fin de secle space".

What about you participation in the last Salone del Mobile Fair?
«To us it’s really crucial to always partecipate in every edition of Fuorisalone, which in 2015 has been more interesting and organized than ever. This year MAN@mydoor presented its lamps within the Ventura Lambrate district, the perfect stage for our idea of design".

INFO: www.manatmydoor.it

PHOTO COURTESY: Giulia Manelli e Fabio Mantovani

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