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Makastool: when design turns tasty
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Food and design seem to be the main topics dealt by media when it comes to entertainment, as countless Tv shows about cooking and house renovation crowd the world’s TV channels. What’s best than merging those two fields in just one project? Such successful intuition blessed LI-VING Italian studio, which designed a stool range inspired by one of the most iconic pastry ever, macarons. Makastool is aimed at adding a hint of color to any interior (from purple to lime, from chocolate to blue) as well as a design touch; moreover it investigates the current food trends by discovering how food and environment affect the style of a designer. Makastool is not just a colorful, fun, refined stool range but the actual first step of a conceptual current aimed at exploring the deepest links amid design and food.

Trendy and unique, the stools already decorate many private and public spaces thanks to their handcrafted quality as any component – from the water varnished ash legs to the eco-leather or microfiber seats – are made by hand. The huge success of Italian Makastool crossed Italy’s boundaries by hitting France, United States and even Brasil, taking LI-VING cofounders Antonio Lauriola and Vito Vero’s creativity around the world. The Makastool range is a perfect example of the philosophy of the studio, whose work aims at mixing form and technique, beauty and research together, creating original yet affordable design items. Makastools are exhibited at our TID showroom located at via Monte Pordoi 8, in Milan’s Baranzate borough.

INFO: www.li-ving.com


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