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Luxury hut by Cincopatasalgato Architecture
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A five-stars hut with sea view, featuring any comfort as well as a location surrounded by nature. This happens at El Salvador, the Bahamas Islands, where Cincopatasalgato Architecture studio designed a villa combining nature and luxurious relax. The property is right on the beach and the project is all about creating a continuous link between the interior and the sea. Comfort was the main target: the interior is illuminated by natural light thanks to the creation of huge open spaces, as well as outer areas decorated like relaxing living rooms, and even a straw ceiling reminding of a hut. The interior is minimalistic and classy, aimed at practicality, as proved by the kitchen adjacent to the external patio where to enjoy lunch and dinner in the open air. Moreover, the bedrooms feature a direct access to the beach, which is surrounded by plants to guarantee both sunlight and shadow.

The exterior is even more stunning than the interior, with a pool in front of the beach allowing the tenants to even surf or swim in their private space surrounded by white sofas and chaise longues. Concrete, simple materials and wood are the frosting on this cake that looks like a hut, yet has any kind of comfort to unfailingly relax in the heart of central America.

INFO: www.cincopatasalgato.com

Photo Courtesy Cincopatasalgato Architecture 

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