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Lunatica: unmistakable quality
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Design items that represent the perfect blend amid function and emotion, refined pieces specifically created to meet specific needs, handmade processes that emphasize the Italian handicraft tradition. These are the core features of the eclectic products by Andrea Ciappesoni, who not only creates design items, especially lamps, but also puts his talent at clients’ service to design the pieces they’ve always dreamt about. His collection is characterized by a unique style, with a particular focus on materials, as proved by Lunatica, one of the design items on show at our Spazio TID, located at Via Monte Pordoi 8 in Milan’s Baranzate district.

This table lamp is named after the moon, recalled in the shape of the base: as unique as its form is the manufacture, since Lunatica is the result of the processing of a single 8-cm-thick marble block that hosts Ciappesoni’s brilliant “The light in the bubble” lamp. The more refined variation of this design item is Lunatica Graphyte, the first lamp ever obtained from a unique block of graphite. Cold like metal to the touch, dark and inscrutable to the sight, the lamp reveals an unexpected sparkle when well-lighted, thanks to the amazing vibrant details on the hand polished surface – another trait proving the handicraft quality of Ciappesoni’s production. Refined and feminine, yet bold and dramatic, Lunatica Graphytehas a unique light source too, as it cherishes a bulb made out of agate, an actual jewel both in terms of material and processing. One of a kind, Lunatica brings an inspired feel everywhere.

INFO: www.ciappesoni.it


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