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LUMEN: unexpected sheet
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It’s the final countdown to the 2015 design week in Milan, which will make the city the stage for both the much-awaited Salone del Mobile Fair and many captivating events that will astonish professionals and regular visitors with the latest innovative news from the design field. Among those happenings you cannot miss L.E.D. – Lighting Experience Design, promoted by Assodel and LedLab in collaboration with TID: the event will be hosted within the trendy district of Ventura-Lambrate where you will have the chance to witness the best in lighting.

LED light will be the main protagonist of the event, to stress the importance of new and more sustainable technologies: one example of such successful projects is Lumen, the table lamp by Joao Moura that will be featured within the event.

The first peculiarity of this design item is that it comes as a light led table lamp kit, easy and intuitive to assemble. Despite the various kinds of materials featured by this project, the lamp showcased at L.E.D. – Lighting Experience Design will be the sheet one, which is mainly formed by a two layers: the upper one is a perforated sheet in order to let light through whilst the other is a tracing paper sheet to diffuse the luminous flux. To make Lumen even more customizable, in order to stress the importance of making the final clients able to add their own touch to a design product, the lamp can also host a third layer – for instance a sketch or a colored sheet – to make the item unique and suiting a personal interior. With just 25cm of height, Lumen proves to be a fantastic example of contemporary design, merging an interesting form with the latest technology and an actual care for the final user’s needs.

INFO: www.joao-moura.pt


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