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Long Brick House: where interior design and culture meet
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A successful design project always has to take into account the needs and personality of the clients: this work by Foldes Architects is a great example of how to hit the target, as it has turned the intellectual culture of the owners into the actual main element of the interior design. Located in Pilisborosjeno, a town on the hillside just outside Budapest, the renovated property features a luxuriant garden which hides the house thanks to the steepness of the street. Another characterizing element is the outer brick wall, after which the project is named.

The aim of the work of Foldes Architects was creating a custom space for two individuals soon to be retired, owners of a huge book collections which has been turned into the distinctive element of the whole interior decoration thanks to the construction of a 17 meter length bookcase taking over the main big corridor, the key player of a spatial arrangement specifically designed to suit the age of the clients and their need to easily move throughout the property. The main access connecting the outside and the inside features red bricks all over, even on the flooring, and leads to the median point of the interesting bookcase, whose dividing function appears at its fullest: on the left, you see the public area of the house whilst on the right there’s the private one, featuring studio, bathroom ad bedroom, enriched by a spectacular terrace where to enjoy amazing sunsets.

On the outside, the brick work connects the ground floor to the basement, hosting utility room and sauna; on the other side, it leads to the main entrance of the 137,8 square meter apartment. Despite the minimalist approach of the project, the house features any comfort, last but not least the fireplace in the living room.

INFO: www.foldesarchitects.hu

PHOTO COURTESY: Levente Sirokai

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