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Lodz Design Festival: the
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The ninth edition (previous edition) of Lodz Design Festival starts off tomorrow, for a ten day event that will turn the Polish city into the best stage for design. This year’s theme will be “Consequences”, as the aim of the 2015 edition is to stress how the design industry responds to the unstoppable world’s changes. Designers can in fact exploit such ever-going fluidity to get inspired and design new solutions for our everyday problems: tech, social and cultural consequences affect both our life and the actual design market, which leads to the importance of the creative process behind a design product. One of the happenings aimed at emphasizing such process will be the one held at the Festival Centre 2, where to witness an actual narrative path – including spatial installations - about the most used design materials (wood, metal, plastic) and their manufacturing and sustainability.

The fil rouge of the upcoming Lodz Design Festival will be the focus of a series of exhibits: on the one hand, “Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things”, where the historical objects that have mostly changed our life will be displayed; on the other, the namesake “Consequences”, where to witness the design objects created to respond to the contemporary society’s problems, with a particular focus on the production and creative process. As the most renowned design festivals, Lodz Design will bring in town many on-topic happenings, such as “Reprogramming the City”, dedicated to the unexpressed potential of the urban and infrastructural status of the city, in order to understand how to improve Lodz’s livability. The peak event will be as always Make Me!, the contest that will award the project that best embodies this year’s theme: with as many as 249 subscribers and 25 final projects, the prize stresses the international relevance of the festival. Organized by the City of Lodz and patronized by Ceramika Paradyż, Lodz Design Festival is ready to prove itself as the meeting point amid design and society-

INFO: www.lodzdesign.com


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