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Light plays at Villa Solaire
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In Pied de La Plagne, historic area of French village Morzine, Jérémie Koempgen and FUGA studioshave turned a 1826 farmhouse into a luxury villa. The project was based on sunlight daily route, in order to create light effects in every area of the house by exploiting both daylight and its effects on the surrounding properties. Villa Solaire, whose name means Solar Villa, is lit up by sunlight thanks to the exterior spruce fir covering: those wood traditional beams alternate with hidden glass wall, allowing natural light to come in and artificial light to spread out.

A modern yet traditional villa reminding of old haylofts. Each corner of the building hosts a suite and its own bathroom whilst the centre of the villa hosts a multi-level area with living room, kitchen and dining room, all enriched by wood and grey decorations. Villa Solaire is a place where tradition and modernity live together, as shown by the coexistance of original 19th century plasters and a minimalistic bedroom as well as the pool carved out of stone.

INFO: www.jkarchitecture.fr


Photo Courtesy of y Jérémie Kœmpgen,  Jérôme Aich, Stéphane C., Miguel de Guzman

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