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Lamps by Adriana Lohmann
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Adriana Lohmann, through the recycling of materials such as crystals, pieces of metal, plastic and textures, and through the innovative materials like terylene and aluminum chains, realizes a scenical phenomenon: she makes lamps with an equilibrium of energies, facing also the oriental knowledge of Fen-Shui.
These are lamps, which are part of bigger collections, that is to say for example: “Tourbillon Pearls” inspired to water movements, such as “Galactic Pearl”, and placed in famous locations like Titanic Restaurant in Hotel Melià, Dubai, and in the Castle of Montegufoni, in the historical residence of Florence.
Pearls which have been inserted one by one in wires that arrive to the kilometer of length, and later thermo-fixed, these lamps could be placed in every corner of your house, like next to the bed instead of the “usual” abat-jour, with the goal of making the environment more intimate and special, beside, of course : unique.

Adriana has succeeded, thanks to her experience as consultant in harmony of the decor and of the well living to liberate and to manage the energy of many places bringing magical fascination to the “mise en place” of her brilliant intuitive method in collocating the lamps, sometimes even placed one next to the other. As it is in the case of “Columns” and “Cupido” collections, in order to guide harmony in the inside of an environment that could otherwise lose it.
Other positions could be in the stairwell or above big dinner tables. There they can give light and comfort, beside classic elegance, to the tablemates.
Suspension lamps “Jelly Drops Colonna”, are light and easy to fix with a simple hook, they also have something really cool that makes them “ready to use”: the electric cable to the wall.
These lamps are possible to be customized, shaped and colored with many different choices, each of it is a unique piece entirely handmade.
The prices, here we come…. Well yes, they are very competitive , limited costs with a look finale just amazing: what else?
Is the sense of completeness and perfection that we find in the inside of the ambiance with Adriana Lohmann’s lamps that brings that presentiment of not being able to live without them anymore.


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