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KVADRAT/RAF SIMONS: high fashion fabrics for your home
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Since their first collaboration in 2014, KVADRAT/RAF SIMONS has explored the inherent limits of fabrics by combining Raf Simons' unique visual aesthetics with Kvadrat's extraordinary technical know-how. Simons' vision is defined by his encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the universes of fashion, art, music, architecture and design and the way he uses them in his work with textiles. The results are innovative and sophisticated.
As inspiration for 2020, Simons returns to his love of fashion and, in particular, the refined world of haute couture. Turning his attention to luxury fur and knitwear, he interprets the textures and techniques used in this high-end craftsmanship by translating them into woven fabrics. With a light touch and know-how Raf Simons and Kvadrat transform natural materials such as wool, linen and viscose into fabrics that capture the sheen of fur or the sumptuous matte look of a structured wool knit.
Two new fabrics have been introduced, Helia and Silas, and Sunniva 3 has undergone a color upgrade. Proposed in rich and sophisticated yet surprising color palettes, the fabrics blend perfectly with existing textures and more graphic fabrics. Three Silas fabric cushions have also been added to the accessories collection, serving as refined decorative elements for sofas or chairs.

Inspired by Persian lamb fur and in particular by Astrakhan, Helia is a bouclé fabric with a heavy and organic texture. It comes in a range of discreet neutral colors and more intense shades of garnet red, blue and yellow, with yarn dyed fibers creating a rich mélange effect in some of the shades.
Voluminous in structure and soft to the touch, Silas fabric, on the other hand, has a special matt surface that evokes the luxurious look of haute couture knitwear. Made like velvet, the fabric undergoes a complex finishing process that gives it a particularly full and tactile quality. In addition, the variation in the height of the pile gives the fabric an almost iridescent expression, which changes according to the point from which it is observed. The color palette includes neutral tones, rich golden shades and a selection of typical Raf Simons shades.
Finally, Sunniva 3, a fabric that has been part of the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection since its inception, is now available in a new, more mature-looking color palette with an increased emphasis on neutral tones. Warm shades of soft brown, clay and brick have been introduced in contrast to cooler greys and a group of greens, ranging from dark green to aqua green. Finally, a range of dark reds brings an almost masculine sophistication to an offer that is elegant and refined.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: kvadratrafsimons.com

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