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KUBEDESIGN: cardboard architectures by Roberto Giacomucci
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The cardboard becomes a peculiar material used as furniture. It may seem unusual for some people who will say “What?” but it has become truth thanks to KUBEDESIGN and its relatively designer Roberto Giacomucci with Mengoni’s family. Thinking of being seated on a cardboard paper is not just an utopia but an astonishing reality for everyone thanks to a furniture collection born after the interest for two brothers in cardboard materials. They discovered the cardboard qualities while working in their father’s packing company and they developed their idea thanks to the skilled designer Roberto Giacomucci. KUBEDESIGN is a set of architectures entirely realized in a material that seems to be a discard (not so bad for those who take care of the environment and the ecology) and, besides being not so expensive (substantial detail) is able to satisfy all the needs. As a matter of fact, the project develop itself with four different product lines: house, office, shop and design for exhibitions.

Four different collections whose aim is to satisfy the most unthinkable requests  by companies, agencies, architects and people who love design ranging from stools that can resist a weight of over 170 kg, tables, armchairs, folding chairs and even sofas, libraries and lamps.  And the result is a lightweight furniture easy to assemble. An innovative and brilliant idea both for temporary exposition and for trendy and ecological home details that give cardboard the possibility to be considered part of furnishings thanks to the advanced technology. As a result, the cardboard becomes ultra resistant, waterproof and pleasant due to colours and details able to enhance the architectures. This material ennoble and exalt itself merging with the design and starting real cardboard architectures.

Info: www.kube-design.it

Photo: Courtesy Kubedesign

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