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Kim Hagstette on the top of the world
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A 4,000 bright square meters family apartment on the top of a condo in the Uptown district of Portland, featuring luxury and privacy.

Designed by Kim Hagstette for Maven Interiors, the space looks like a big window overlooking the city from the 14th floor, where to look at people on the streets as well as Willamette rivers and the mountains. A dream come true where daylight takes over creating dirrefent colors and atmospheres.

Each room combines dark and light hues like the dark kitchen wood by Euro American Design mixed to light paquet flooring and stools by Arper, as well as the panoramic Matteograssi seats  of the table beside the window.

The contrasting colors also recur in the living room with an all-white sofa by B&B Italia and the Ann Sacks tiles employed to create a discontinuity between smooth and rough surfaces. The space has two more living rooms onw of which hosts a sofa by Moroso and an ultra modern thermo-adjustable fireplace.

The attic is also characterized by a strong technology with hi-fi systems running all over the place, remotely controlled by monitors and smartphones. An out-and-out luxury space enhanced by art pieces such as precious rugs, sculptures and local artists’ paintings like Jenny Gray’s picture in the master bedroom as well as William Park’s oil on canvas and Mike Suri’s statue.

An high tech attic that is either and apartment and an art gallery where the real protagonist is the sunlight.

INFO: http://maveninteriors.co/

PHOTO: Courtesy of Maven Interiors

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