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Jury Cafè: a new life signed by Australian Biasol Design Studio
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The name of this venue recalls the legal field, and it may not be a coincidence. Located in Melbourne, Jury Café is characterized by a curious unique location: the Pentridge Village, that is the Pentridge Prison, decommissioned in 1997. Despite almost 20 years have gone by, the site still displayed several elements from the prison before the start of the renovation. Signed by Australian Biasol Design Studio, whose work is characterized by evoking emotions, the Jury Café project respects the past of the place as a prison, in a play of contrasts in which this dark side gains a new life, symbolized by playful elements and natural bright hues.

The central theme of the interior is irreverence, displayed by the juxtaposition between the former dark bluestone walls and a natural warm color palette bringing positivity to the place. To that end the studio choose to employ raw materials, plywood, concrete, mixed together to create a geometric color pattern within the feature wall of Jury. This structure represents the playful core of the project, the bridge between a dark past and a bright future.

Another key element is the employment of greenery to soften the interior, bringing a natural touch which is also proved by the furniture material, such as the natural ones of which tables and stools are made out. The final result is a bright welcoming place – respectfully far from its dark past – that embodies the will to go on, reaching up a better future where anyone can smile and feel safe.

INFO: www.biasol.com.au

PHOTO COURTESY: Martina Gemmola

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