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Judith Byberg's lamps light up Spazio TID showroom
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Among your lamps, Uovo is the one that best represents you. How come?
«It embodies a major part of my philosophy. It's a handmade product that allows me to synergically interact with matter, that is one of my aims. Moreover, the handcrafted manufacturing results in a unique non-reproducible piece, as each item of the collection will never be the exact same, featuring many different details from one another. As a light source, Uovo embodies the danish word hyggelig, that is the cosiness of the place where the family gathers». 

The lamp is completely biodegradable and sustainable...
«Yes. When the Led light is over, you can throw the lamp in the wet wast or use it as a fertilizer. It neither pollutes, nor waste space: it has a minimal environmental impact and it serves for green education purposes».

Education is one of the features of your design...
«Indeed. The ultimate aim is to take man back to sort of an ancestral condition where feelings and thoughts are completely genuine, with no mediators, therefore there is a bigger respect towards other people as well as the environment, with a particular focus on how we can make the world more sustainable».

Vaeste has a completely different look...
«It is named after the dressed from Ancient Greece as it is symbolizes lightness. The iron spoke structure (that you usually find in the fireplaces) holds the lights. The result is a ceiling lamp with a subtle illumination».

Which materials did you employ?

«White silk organza or natural dyed wool».

How come they don't catch fire?

«They are both self-estinguishing materials. Nature gave us a lot of amazing things that we too often ignore».

What about Dischi?

«They are the result of matter experiments, such as a very long hand processing of wood and Bergshaf wool. To get to the final product I don't just add the actual light sources but also several other materials such as rusted iron wire, palm leaf veins, cardboard packaging and anything that can create unique results, based on the client's taste too. In this way I create custom unique design pieces that feature the warmth, the scent and the imperfections of natural things».

INFO: judithbyberg.com


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