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ITALIC: versatile emotion for an elegant multi-functional design item
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An elegant multi-functional design item featuring refined materials and sort of a “typecal” inspiration. Today’s project is called Italic, by Berlin-Based international design and architecture studio Coordination: launched in 2004, it has been providing innovative solutions for 11 years and winning several prizes like the 2014 Special Mention German Design Award. Refined yet a little playful, this small lamp is named after the sloping text formatting: the shape of Italic is as sloped as the formatted letters, and enhanced by the sculptural side of the object as well as its strong multi-functionality.

Italic is in fact both an elegant marble object and a directional light source, as a touch-dim function lets users interact intuitively with the design to transform the item with their own hands. In this way, Italic combines a reduced sculptural approach to a classic and postmodern design iconography, with a great functionality on top of that. Suiting different pieces of furniture from sideborards to shelves and tables, Italic – available in green or blue – is made out of marble and aluminum, with a LED light source to be also eco-friendly. Launched on the occasion of the latest Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair, this design item features a timeless look that you will never get tired of.

INFO: www.coordination-berlin.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Fabian Vaccaro, Patricia Haas

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