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IOTA: design and social together to create unique and original products
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Designing handmade objects for the interior while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people around the world is the vision behind the IOTA creations.
The main concept is to create innovative products starting from tradition and changing the perception of what can be done using manual techniques. The products thus have a tactile nature which invites to create playful contacts and combinations of shapes, colors and textures.
The collection, we present, is dedicated to crochet knitting, one of the oldest yarn techniques, a timeless art that allows you to create both planar and three-dimensional shapes by making knots in different spacing to create endless configurations.
Knitting has an important part in the nature of the IOTA branded products.
The collection consists of rugs, stools, pillows and swings.

The rugs are colorful, of various sizes, texture and colors. Handmade with different crochet techniques that make every final product unique, treasuring the special hand of its maker and the special combination of threads created just for it.
The pillows, on the other hand, provide different seating options depending on the space available. They are comfortable, inviting and an attractive option to rest. They can fit perfectly as part of various sitting assemblies, as well as can be separate pieces.
As for stools, they have a really special touch of design. They have been designed to be small, compact and comfortable with an oak wood structure and covered with unique textile in different color combinations.
Finally the swings: airy, lightweight and enchanting, with many knitted elements hanging from above and holding up an oak wood seat where you can sit alone or even in company. Ideal for a relaxing day with your friends or your beloved.
These wonderful swings are ideal for being positioned in very large spaces as well as seating solutions in various indoor situations.
All this, you can find at our showroom in via Pordoi 8 in Baranzate. Hurry up!!!

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: http://iotaproject.com

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