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Interior Design
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It doesn’t concern just the furnishings but also the planning of the position of any object included in the space, which can be either a private or a commercial space.

The proper word is ‘interior decorator’, however in Italy the definition is ‘Interior Design’. Many professions related to interior design have been rising in the last few years.

Any magazine features beautiful pictures of well-known interior designers, ultra luxury houses, dream glimpses and huge pools. The concentration on interior design is also on the web, with the rise of on-topics blogs, as well as social networks and specialized websites. Within interior-design-related professions, the most famous is the Interior Designers.

What does the Interior Designer do practically?
The interior designer is a professional that deals with problems related to the function of the interior space. In practice, the interior design defines a project by analyzing the various parts of the chosen space, such as space position, materials, equipment, building laws, encumbrances and other variables, trying to creatively solve contingent problems related to the assigned space.People very often think that an interior designer only plans luxury houses, VIP houses, the kind of places we always see on magazines. Although huge spaces and almost unlimited budgets imply fantastic results, even small workspaces or simple houses can be transformed by the work of the interior designer without spending millions of Euros.
What’s crucial in the work of an Interior Designer is the ongoing study on materials, as the materials employed in the interior design are continuously updating by improving their features, becoming lighter, becoming more washable and so on.

A fundamental component is creativity, which is the core element of interior design, as well as good taste.

A great professional must combine creativity and practicality in the space under decoration. It is impossible to create only magazine-oriented spaces, they must be livable and sometimes they also serve as offices. Therefore a new interior decorator needs to be very experienced and really up to date.

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