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Innovation meets nature just outside Cape Town
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A bright and ultra modern interior by Antoni Associates studio in cooperation with Gardiol Bergenthuin characterizes a luxury villa located in Pearl Valley, just 30 minutes outside Cape Town. Luxurious yet simple, the villa has been designed for relax-seekers. At the center of the property there’s a basin connected to the living room through a small bridge. The living room features truss ceilings, a studio mezzanine and a dining room hosting a fireplace as well as an oak table and a crystal extra light chandelier. Upstairs there’s a white-themed kitchen featuring modern elements such as metal details and OKHA Interiors stools.

An elegant villa made of refined wood, leather as well as the bathroom wall mosaic, enhanced by a suffused lighting that leaves no dark spots. The exterior features an entertainment area for the family, with an infinity pool, a big terrace, a tv room, a bar, a front yard and a SPA overlooking the pool which can be reached by walking on floating steps. A space where to completely relax thanks to the big sofas and the refined yet not intrusive luxury allowing the guest to just chill out. 

INFO:  www.aainteriors.co.za

Photo Courtesy of Antoni Associates

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