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INDEX Dubai: an event that never stops talking about itself
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It has just ended, with a great success, the largest sourcing platform for interiors and design products in the GCC. An event that took place over three days, from 16th to 18th September 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), which saw the participation of over 30,200 people and the presence of more than 300 exhibitors from all over the world, from Europe to China.
The Middle East reaffirms itself, once again, to be a market rich in construction projects, which strongly influence the growth of the Region's architecture and interior design sector.
BNC Network's GCC Construction Analytics report revealed that the urban construction sector has the highest number of projects (17,912), with their value estimated at $1.21tn. Given the robust number of construction projects in the pipeline in the GCC, that will soon be ready for the interior design and fit-out phase, industry stalwarts agree that both architectural structures and design should aim to be a declaration of pride that supports the uniqueness and culture of this country, in particular with the numerous visitors expected for Expo 2020.

Speaking instead of the 2019 trends, Victoria Redshaw from UK Trend Futurists Scarlet Opus explained that biophilic design is the way forward for Dubai and the other GCC countries.

“Biotech is a diverse discipline that looks at how science and technology evolve and work with each other to push boundaries and move forward to achieve environmental improvements, health benefits, and super connect with future. Taking that as inspiration, Dubai as well as other GCC countries, which have a unique environmental position, has the opportunity to adopt biophilic design and be a hero city for biophilic design in the World if the city planners and architects integrate nature, sense of wellbeing, sustainability while addressing the resources within the architecture of this region”.

We can not put a price tag on our planet, we have to deal with where we currently live. The United Arab Emirates are at the forefront of the region to incorporate sustainability at all levels. For example, sound rules have been established to control food waste. It will be ideal to see similar efforts to control the waste of glass and plastic. This is why the region can look west and in other parts of the world where post-consumer waste is converted into materials for use in interior design and construction.”

The increased focus on sustainability ahead of Expo 2020 in Dubai is already evident regarding the realization of the “Opportunity Pavilion”: a 4,500 sqm pavilion that will be built using 2,500 tons of stone and organic materials including timber and over 100 kilometers of rope. All recyclable materials with no concrete.
Dubai is therefore ready to project itself into the future, we just have to wait for and see what else they will have in store for us for the 2019 edition of INDEX Dubai... Stay tuned!

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: www.indexexhibition.com

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