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Ile: clamp design up!
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Clamp lamps are usually employed in specific situations such as camping or reading, when you need a portable small light to illuminate just a spot. However, portability is a issue that affects not just such scenarios but also our everyday life moments, at home or at the office for instance. This is what led French designer Inga Sempé create Île for Wästberg, the leading Swedish lighting brand that offers quality functional design products. Sempé’s latest work is aimed at illuminating certain portions of the living or work space, to fully reinterpret clamp lamps. Available in as many as five colors – grey brown, poppy, petrol, light yellow and sky blue - Île easily fits a wide range of spaces and uses.

The lamp features a flat base, allowing it to stand on a flat surface, but it can also be mounted on the wall. Moreover, there its clamp makes the lamp attachable to everything, with a shade characterized by a magnet construction that enables smooth movement and easy assembly. With so many different uses, Île brings a new identity to the standard clamp lamp by representing an actual multi-purpose product: easy to handle and functional, it also offers a long lasting solution by employing a LED light source. What is interesting about Île is Sempé’s capability of merging practicality and a unique unmistakable design into it, just like a regular table or wall lamp. This is also one of the main features of Wästberg’s products, which have been awarded many times throughout the years.

INFO: www.ingasempe.fr


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