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How to split up the space
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The result is undoubtedly gorgeous. Molo design has created Softwall + Softblock: a flexible modular system suitable to divide and organize every kind of space. The dividing structures, arranged the way you need, are made of tyvek, a synthetic and strong material whose aspect is similar to paper; it is 100% recyclable and obtained through polyethylene fibers. The accordian-like structures, light and wavy, are made up of single modules fixed thanks to integrated magnets. They give the possibility to create panels different for lengths and shapes. How? Just curving, widening, overlapping or taking all different elements in. The length you can reach is 4,50 mt with 3,50 mt height.

Flexibility becomes the key-word of the project. Molo designers try to reproduce the privacy of each individual both at home and at work, shifting from a guest room to a meeting room. Each structure occupies just a small space because it can be closed after you use it. Moreover, Softwall + Softblock becomes very impressive bright sources when considered in their integrated LED version. The high quality of the material emerges thanks to fluid shapes. The flexible light LED system is available in white and daylight white colours. Thanks to the introduction of light in these systems it becomes easier to create special settings and atmospheres suitable for each particular event. Softwall + Softblock – that became part of MoMa collection in New York – has got a huge number of accessories: from those able to fix it on the floor to the cruets, to help flowers to grow between wrinkles.

LINK: www.molodesign.com

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