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How To Improve Your Home During Lockdown
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation throughout the globe, killing thousands of people and forcing even more to self-isolate at home.
With everyone now stuck indoors surrounded by their own four walls, many of us are finding ourselves completing home DIY projects to improve our home’s interior design and pass the time.
In fact, according to a recent survey, approximately 61 per cent of Brits have started working on a home DIY project during the coronavirus lockdown – whether that be painting the house, landscaping the garden or upcycling the furniture.
With this in mind, we thought we would compile a few ideas to think about if you are looking to make some home improvements during the lockdown. 

Get Painting
Refreshing the interior walls of your house is one of the most simple yet effective things you can do as a homeowner to make it look and feel brand new.
When it comes to choosing the best colour, opt for a neutral shade that fits with your personal tastes. Pastille colours like light blues, creams and greens can have a calming effect that helps effortlessly brighten up the place a bit.
Since it’s the first thing you see when you come into your home, you should also regularly repaint your front door. Currently, there is a growing trend for front doors to feature a pop of colour, such as red, dark green or blue. 

Update Your Kitchen Cupboards
Kitchen trends come thick and fast but, if you’re looking for a foolproof way of giving even the most outdated kitchen an instant facelift, then think about changing your kitchen knobs and handles.
Whether you’re more a fan of floral designs, eyecatching colours, or simplistic patterns, giving your kitchen cupboard handles an upgrade can add an instance slice of personality to your kitchen. 

Get Smart About Storage
Let’s face it, nobody likes living with clutter. Even if your home is the cleanest property in the world, if it’s covered in junk and clutter, it will simply make it look and feel very appealing.
To combat this effectively, getting smart about your storage can make a huge difference. From installing shelves onto your walls to purchasing beautiful handmade storage boxes, there are a number of quick and easy ways of storing your stuff and making your rooms seem larger.

Update The Bathroom 
Choosing to retile your bathroom can be an expensive venture, often requiring professional help. However, there are several things you can do to give it a bit of a facelift while keeping your spends at a minimum.
Whether it be simply refreshing your bathroom accessories, repainting it to a clean white and blue colour scheme, or purchasing a few stick-on tile stencils, it can be a relatively straightforward process to transform an otherwise boring bathroom into a stylish space.

Jet Wash
Jetwashing the patio is one of those jobs you always say you’ll do, but never get around to doing. It’s important that you do though, especially if you’re looking to make your home and property that much more presentable to your friends and neighbours.
While it may be a simple task, jetwashing can make your front and back garden space look so much cleaner and lighter in colour. This, in turn, helps makes the area look bigger, brighter and a much more welcoming place to be.

Update Your Furnishings 
Unless your property features exceptionally large windows and high ceilings, heavy curtains can make a room your property feel a lot darker, smaller and more claustrophobic.
Therefore, to give it an instant lift, why not think about updating your furnishings?
Replace these curtains with a more contemporary alternative, such as a Venetian or Roman blind. Similarly, give your carpets a thorough clean or – if they’re looking a little worse for wear – fit new ones around the home. 

Give The Garden A Spruce
Stepping away from inside the home for a minute, we turn our attention to your garden.
By adding a few low-maintenance features to your outside space, you can make it a much more enticing place to be. 
From turning soil flower beds into wood chip beds to replacing grass areas with pebbles, patio or gravel, simple changes like these will help transform your garden into an attractive space which doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

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